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eLearning - A Global Perspective

About CoEeRD

JNTUK's "Centre of Excellence for e-Resource Development & Deployment (CoEeRD)" has been set-up to address the changing learning trends in engineering education. CoEeRD is a first of its kind, an initiative undertaken by an Indian University that uses the power of technology and eLearning to simplify and standardize teaching / learning processes at colleges. The conferencing system, built into CoEeRD enables one-to-many and many-to-many transmissions while teaching critical concepts that makes learning interactive and interesting.

CoEeRD has two major components,

  • Engineering eLearning courseware and
  • bi-directional HD conference system and is designed to enable the University to achieve academic excellence through standard and wholesome course delivery, at its constituent and affiliated colleges across JNTUK's jurisdiction.
"Make Teaching Interesting and Receivable, then learning can be enjoyable"

The aim of this CoEeRD project is to leverage technology to:

  • Deliver Expert Faculty Lectures through HD conferencing system
  • Interact with Industry Experts and Eminent persons
  • Standardize the content delivery methodology
  • Enhance the faculty effectiveness in classroom deliveries
  • Provide Teaching resources to Faculty and Learning Resources to Students
  • Address varying learning abilities of a student in a classroom

The implementation of the CoEeRD project comprises of :

  • A Central studio setup in JNTUK Campus, with necessary tools and facilities and all affiliated colleges will opt for relevant infrastructure to roadcast/participate in Live HD conference sessions
  • Deploy 'Engineering eLearning Courseware' on LAN / Online for use by faculty to enhance their class room deliveries and for self study purpose to students.

The HD Conferencing System can also be leveraged to deliver value added programs like :

  • Industry endorsed Value Addition certificate programs
  • Certificate programs in Distance Learning mode
  • Foreign University certificate programs

For Faculty

  • Deliver Lectures through HD conferencing system
  • Teaching resources
  • Teach/Deliver sessions using Content, Animations, Images, Quiz
  • Enhance productivity and make classroom Teaching-Learning interesting
  • Plan before delivering the session in the classroom
  • Add the content, author's questions, conduct quiz/tests etc.
  • Record and share the archives with students

For Student

  • Participate in Live Expert Sessions
  • Quality Learning resources
  • Enhances retention of concepts
  • Access to faculty uploaded content/resources
  • Access to content in College LAB
  • 24x7 access to content over Internet

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